Microcurrent lifting & firming

Tone up and contract the underlying muscles of the face and neck. Select one target

Microderm Facelift makes use of the latest, most gentle and painless method currently being used around the world by those individuals wishing to look years younger. The Microderm machine uses micro current, which is actually an abbreviation for microampere electrical neuromuscular stimulation, to lift and tone facial muscles using a non-invasive technique of electrode application. The micro current is sent through the skin via two hand held probes/electrodes. By utilizing the latest technology and highly conductive accessories, maximum lift and rejuvenation is achieved. The ability to reverse the signs of ageing, without having to resort to painful injections, lasers or expensive invasive cosmetic surgery is exactly what Micromere offers. Eye-lid lift, jowl lift & firm, Neck lift & firm, Lip plumping, Lip line relax, Crows feet, Forehead lines, Between the brows, Chin firm or Decollete. Select one target area of choice. A natural alternative to injected fillers & botox.



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