Meagan Wesley, Elapromed  Practitioner & Skin Specialist


When dealing with clients, Meagan offers her guest friendly and courtious Skincare advice and treatments. She is passionate about getting results that are quickly achieved and long lasting.  

She offers advice and tips on how to care for your skin type that leaves her guests feeling younger and beautiful in their skin. Meagan is a skincare specialist who will create daily skincare routines for her guest based on skin analysis and helps them understand which skincare products will work best for them. 

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Elapromed Transdermalporation

Meagan received her certificate in Aesthtics in 2013. She has a strong understanding of skin care and other anti-aging and skin care treatments. 

Elapromed is an original invention by Polish scientists with which Transdermalporation (a type of electroporation) is carried out in cosmetics. It causes reorganization of cells in which ion channels are opened. These channels are referred to as mesopores.


Tests have revealed that mesopores remain open for a time of 15-20 seconds up to a few minutes, and their diameters range from 40 to 250 microns. Using these channels, a desired amount of cosmetic preparation (a compound specially composed for treatment) can be inserted into the skin and tissue at a desired depth.

Research shows that the concentration of polypeptide particles inserted into human tissue using elapromed (for doctors using the depth control program) amounts to about 65% at a depth of 6 cm and around 99% at a depth of 1 cm. For comparison, these values are 3% and 10%, respectively, for iontophoresis. Delivery with aesthetic programs amount to about 99% at a depth of up to 7mm to 1cm.

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