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Celle has been immersed in the world of Holistic Healing since a young age. She is the daughter of a Naturopath and a Herbalist. Having grown up on beautiful Salt Spring Island, she had found the prefect place to nurture her passion for herbal medicine, and raise her 5 children. Celle has made it her lifelong mission to learn and share the healing ways of plants.

This passion led her to win the 2012 Award for Endangered Medicinal Plant Conservation from United Plant Savers for her work educating the public, and for opening the first United Plant Savers Botanical Sanctuary for Endangered Medicinal Plants in BC. She has held a seat on the Board of Directors with the Canadian Herbalist’s Associations of BC for 4 consecutive years. Her articles have been featured in the Canadian Herbalist Association of BC publications, Sacred Pregnancy Magazine, and the United Plant Savers Annual Journal of Medicinal Plant Conservation.

Celle is a Graduate of Dominion Herbal College, she hold multiple Diplomas, as a Chartered Herbalist, Clinical Herbal Therapy, and Herbal Consultant. She is also a certified Clinical Aromatherapist and Aromatherapy Massage Practitioner, from the Westcoast Institute of Aromatherapy. Celle is trained as a Postpartum Doula and also has received her Instructor Training certificate from Sacred Pregnancy Canada LLC. Celle is currently finished her training as a Holistic Reproductive Practitioner from By The Moon College based in Belleville, Ontario.

Celle has been working as a Herbal Practitioner & Botanical Alchemist for 15 years. She loves helping women find their path to health, for their bodies, mind & spirit naturally. With the help of plant allies, reflexology, reiki, flower essences, and essential oils. Through her offerings in doula support from fertility, conception, birth through to postpartum, Celle can offer many options to her clients, including full support and meal prep. While her emphasis is on reproductive health, hormone balance, and menopause, it is not limited to.

Celle now lives and has a clinic in Downtown Victoria, BC. She is currently working on her first book, a plant guide on the spiritual and supernatural plants of British Columbia.

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My Offerings

Offering support for all clients who are looking for a Holistic approach through their healing journeys. Celle, offers an emphasis on Hormonal & Reproductive Health for women, through all stages of their lives. Essential Elements Wellness offers Reflexology, Reiki, Herbal Consultations & Aromatherapy massage for whole body, mind & spirit healing sessions.

Designed specifically to help menopausal women get a handle on all the symptoms. Midsection bloat and weighty gain, mood swings & fatigue. Menopause is a natural part of ageing does usually occurs between 45 and 55 years of age, this is when the ovaries stop producing estrogen. This can cause weight gain, mood swings, hot flashes and even for perimenopausal women. We can help you regain your pre-menopausal body and mind. Knowing what is happening, why, and what to do about it is both empowering and reassuring.


This 2 week program includes:


5 x Foot Soak + 45 min Reflexology session

with 30 min Aromatherapy Relaxation Massage or 30 min EMS body sculpting session.

1 Full body lymphatic drain (EMS)

2 weeks supply of Herbal Meno.Health Tea

2 weeks supply of Meno.Health Herbal Tincture

Nutrition and Diet Plan

 Reflexology, Reiki, Herbal Consultations & Aromatherapy massage for whole body, mind & spirit healing sessions.

Back Massage

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