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About Us


Our guests come to us for several different reasons from facials, to skin & health rejuvenation, slimming down to firming up. Our guest want to look and feel years younger, safely, enhanced without altering their natural beauty. Our guest come to Lumisenz because they are looking for a safer & healthier alternative to the conventional invasive beauty procedures. Lumisenz helps our clients feel good again. 


Authenticity. Compassion. Confidence. At Lumisenz you will feel relaxed and safe in our spa like environment.  You will be heard, understood and cared for.  We will listen to your needs and offer you the best solution that will fit your goals and desires within your budget based on optimal results.   

Our Story



Lumisenz Corporation was founded by Dawn M. Wiggers in 2013. Her story of how Lumisenz came to be is one of fate and destiny.  This is how the story of Lumisenz goes...


During an exceedingly difficult time in Dawn's life, she discovered the benefits of Microcurrent and EMS technology.  In 1994 she survived a horrible motor vehicle accident when an alcohol impaired driver hit her car and sent her spinning uncontrollably off the highway into a telephone pole, it nearly took her life. Dawn survived but not without substantial bodily harm and traumatic brain injury.  The accident left her with multiple broken bones, throughout her entire body.  Both her ankles, both wrists, smashed kneecaps, broken sternum, back and neck injury, and severe brain injury. The recovery road was long and lonely. 

​Dawn lived with chronic pain, inflammation, emotional and mental anguish for over 15 years. Depression and anxiety caused Dawn to withdraw socially and isolate herself from her family, friends, work, and the world. 


Until one fateful day she discovered a life changing technology that turned her world around.  As sceptical as Dawn was of such “machines”, she was eventually convinced to try the treatments.  Reluctantly, Dawn started the treatments and within the first 3 sessions she started to feel and see noticeable changes happening to her.  She began feeling get out of ride her bike...eventually started an exercise routine...eating, by the tenth EMS session Dawn was feeling 100% better. More energy, sleeping through the night, clarity, strength, and most of all the will to live.  Before she knew it, in just a couple months she had lost 20 lbs and completed a Dale Carnegie leadership course with honors and a dream job offer to follow.

During her leadership course, one of the assignments was to write a thesis, she wrote about depression and the effect it has on the person suffering, and on the lives people she loves the most, her family.  After graduating from the program Dawn spent days and long nights writing a business plan to develop a business model that she could duplicate and share with other women...the business of Lumisenz, the opportunity for women across Canada to help change lives.  Dawn turned down the Marketing Director position and launched Lumisenz in 2013.

 EMS & Microcurrent changed Dawn’s life forever, physically, mentally, and emotionally, as well as financially. Helping others feel as good as she does...feeling and looking years younger! Dreams really do come true!

​In conclusion, Dawn’s purpose was discovered during this adverse time in her life, she honestly believes that we all go through challenging times, even tragedies to discover purpose.  Dawn has a strong conviction in helping others and she defines herself as a purpose driven individual that loves to see people thriving and living their best life.  Incorporating health, beauty, and fitness into one convenient treatment has allowed Dawn the perfect opportunity to provide her guests the most caring and kind experience during every encounter with Lumisenz.



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