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Our guests come to us for several different reasons seeking organic and natural non-toxic care, non-invasive beauty enhancement procedures for the face and body that compliement their healthy lifestyle. We help our guests feel good about their choice in Lumisenz procedures . 

Do you want to start your own business?

Own a LUMISENZ Certified Clinic 

Starting a company can be needlessly overwhelming to those who have never done it before.  The many hours invested in business development, lengthy paperwork, legal complexity, numerous professional fees, and decision making can get costly if handled without prior experience. 


Lumisenz recognizes that women want to start their own business or those who are making the leap from being an employee to entrepreneur are looking for a small business opportunity that not only has low overhead and high profit margins but one where they can develop it to suit their desired lifestyle.


The old cliche has changed for the lady bosses of the 20th century, "work less, make more money, more freedom & time!"


Lumisenz has taken the initiative to create Business “à la carte.”  We make it easy: a business building menu with tools and proven systems to handle everything involved in establishing viable & profitable business. It’s available to entrepreneurs everywhere!

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