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Facial Treatment

Non-invasive, non-surgical, non-inflammatory procedures using specific, pre-calculated computerized programs for anti-aging face and body lifting/firming and tightening procedures.

The Microcurrent Specialists


Specialist in Micro-current Face & Body Ehancements.

Our certified EMS & MDF technicians  specialize in

Micro-current facelifts, Skin Rejuvenation and EMS Body Sculpting. 

The safest face and body enhancement procedures on the market. 


Enhance your beauty to look &  feel years younger!

We create healthy, beautiful confidence!

Lumisenz services include the most effective medi-spa technology in non-surgical EMS body sculpting, fat reduction, microcurrent face lift, health and skin rejuvenation in a spa like environment. Lumisenz procedures are affordable, safe, effective and convenient without pain or downtime. All our services are complimented with 100% natural & organic 96% active anti-aging products. We believe that lasting beauty starts within a healthy environment established with harmony of your mind & body.  Lumisenz was established on a foundation of health rejuvenation from a molecular level that prevents disease and promotes preservation.  Our para medi-spa equipment has the ability to reset and replenish your body using the most effective technology that helps to decrease inflammation and stress in your body, this is an essential key to disease prevention.  At Lumisenz we assist our clients on their journey to find optimal health & wellness while reaping the benefits of looking and feeling younger.  When you choose Lumisenz you are choosing the best holistic approach to detoxification and replenishment.  

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