Our promise to you.  

Authenticity. Compassion. Confidence. At Lumisenz you will feel relaxed and safe in our spa like environment.  You will be heard, understood and cared for.  We will listen to your needs and offer you the best solution that will fit your goals and desires within your budget based on optimal results.

Certification is Important.

Our results driven team of Certified Practitioners and Technicians have successfully completed the highest standard of Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) & Micro-current (MDF) Lumisenz exclusive training program.  They offer excellence in customer service in a clinical/spa-like environment and offer services that combine health, wellness, fitness and beauty in one convenient treatment.   Recognizing that anti-aging and age-defy solutions require more than just skin care products to get noticeable long-lasting results, we incorporate European para-medi technology to maximize the procedures effects on your skin, face and body.  And, our active anti-aging products are eco-friendly, 100% natural and organic, without chemical or synthetic ingredients.  Our service menu includes a diverse selection of non-invasion, non-needle, non-incision body and face treatments that are safe, painless, corrective and rejuvenating.  

About Us



Our guests come to us for several different reasons from facials, to skin & health rejuvenation, slimming down to firming up. Our guest want to look and feel years younger, safely, enhanced without altering their natural beauty. Our guest come to Lumisenz because they are looking for a safer & healtheir alternative to the conventional invasive beauty prodedures. Lumisenz helps our clients feel good again. 

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Katie Oakley, MDF Technician
Skin Specialist
Dawn Wiggers,
EMS & MDF Practitioner
Melissa Pantenaude,
Customer Care & Clinic Assistant